If you live in China and you happen to believe in the wrong religion and have the bad luck of getting caught and put in jail, you have a really good chance of becoming an organ donor without your consent. This is what happened to thousands of people just about every year.  Most of them are executed and then become organ donors. Those prisoners are from the Falun Gong spiritual group who has been persecuted by the government for years and kept in labor camps. They seem to keep a match list from the prisoners and execute them as needed.

Obviously this has brought bad press to the transplant community in China where the government is now trying to start a registry program just like here in the US and other industrialized countries. Without a big surprise, up to 90% refused to sign it for several reasons ranging to lack of trust in the system to personal beliefs.

Here in the US, once someone signs the organ donor registry, they automatically become potential donors.  It is unclear how the whole registry thing works over there but I bet some people don’t trust the government if they sign it.

In China, last year, only 28 persons in the entire country gave their organs according to a Legal Evening News report.  There are about 13,000 transplants every year, so, if you do the math you start wondering how many prisoners got executed for their organs.  There are a lot of conflicting reports on the source of the organs. Amnesty International said in its 2009 report that China executed at least 1718 prisoners.  Where are the other 10,000 organs coming from?  Your answer is as good as mine.

Source: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/china/chinas-new-organ-donation-registry-unlikely-to-take-off-55639.html

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