A 17 years old teenager in the province of Anhui which is located in the Eastern part of China sold one of his kidney for 20,000 yuan (around $3,000 USD). The teenager did that after he saw an ad so he could buy himself some Apple products (iPhone or iPad and a laptop). When his mom found out about it she was really upset, rightfully so. To make matter worst, after filing a complaint to the police, the hospital where the surgery took place denies that it ever happened… Most likely the hospital records have either been destroyed or kept in a secure location.

Organ trafficking has been made illegal in China about 4 years ago especially to avoid that kind of situation. Obviously it did not prevent it in happening. Legally in China people can volunteer to donate a kidney just like in the US with living donor programs. The shortage is so severe that it did not stop some Chinese to run a black market of organ transplant. We can all be glad that our laws are severe in the US and we don’t have that kind of operation because you and I know a lot of kids would bite the bait.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/correspondents/content/2011/s3235618.htm

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