If I was asked that question 10-15 years ago the answer would have been different than today. It was safe to say that most transplant center did not do any transplantation on patients older than 60 years old. These days you have a chance to become an organ recipient as old as 70 years and even a little more depending on the hospital you choose.

Just by asking its residents at government branch offices, Michigan has increased its number of registration on the donor registry by 25% month over month. The increase was seen comparing June 2010 and this year. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson attributes this jump because of her new policy of simply asking people when they show up in a government office. The State of Michigan was almost dead last in the country for its participation on the donor registry. It sure took the initiative to become one of the top states! The best way to promote organ transplantation is to encourage more people to become potential organ donor.

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