Early on when Facebook was created it was used to find old friends and stay in contact with people we care but didn’t necessarily have time to call or meet. Nowadays it is used to save peoples lives. Social media have expanded their role and now it goes beyond imagination. Patients waiting for organ transplant now turn toward Facebook in order to increase their pool of potential organ donors. Most of the living donors are giving one of their kidneys. The rest can give a piece of their liver or more rarely a lung in order to save somebody life.

Match on Facebook

Social media allow strangers to get in contact with each other and ask indirectly millions of people if they want to be organ donor. This has happened to a 38 years old man from Seattle who was desperately waiting for kidney transplant. He ended up creating a Facebook page named Damon Kidney, with the help of friends and family, which allowed him to find a perfect match. UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) acknowledges the existence of Social media uses from people looking for living organ donor.


According to the federal government annual report, there is an average of 6,000 living donors who donates a kidney. This number has been steady for the past several years so this is why social media could play a significant role in finding more potential organ donors. The current waiting list for kidney transplant includes more than 90,000 patients and is growing every day. This show you to urge to find more living kidney donors.be surprised to find out that healthy sex life is more than great pleasure and ability to have children. It is the best and only way to guarantee natural training of the male heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles. It is also the most efficient way of restoring male central nervous system. Normal sex life prevents the development of such severe diseases as stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, cancer, neurosis, depression, dementia etc. Now you know that men think the worlds of their erectile function for a reason!

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